Loving and Leaving the Schengen Zone

Nostalgic Lisbon had been a sun-dappled dream, but my 90 Schengen Zone days were rapidly coming to an end. I couldn’t bear the thought of parting with my morning pingado and pastel de nata, but as a non-EU citizen without a long-term visa, the rules in place allowed me only 3 months of basking in the European lifestyle. But unwilling to accept defeat, I did … Continue reading Loving and Leaving the Schengen Zone

The Ballet Dancer of Ivancha

Like the others, this house kept no mailbox. Here was hard to reach, and hard to leave. The thin, weed-lined roads from the gate before the two-story house led into calm hills of grazing sheep and grassy patches with a few scattered donkeys or cows or a cluster of chickens. To tomatoes and fields of corn or sunflowers. At night, tractor combines returned home like … Continue reading The Ballet Dancer of Ivancha