7 Instant Ideas for Weekend Adventure

I still maintain that it takes a lot less money than you might imagine to hop around the world, but what it definitely does take is TIME. So when you don’t have that slippery commodity of time to lounge about on the beaches of Brazil or ride horses in Portugal, when you’ve got only the weekend to play with, what CAN you do to satiate … Continue reading 7 Instant Ideas for Weekend Adventure

Beyond Dubai’s Glitz and Glamour

“It’s a desert with two big malls in it. You won’t like it.” Before visiting, my impression of Dubai was based only on these comments from a couple friends who had already been there. Once I arrived, I realized that the city does a damn good job to erase the idea that you’re really just in the middle of the desert. Still, that fact had … Continue reading Beyond Dubai’s Glitz and Glamour

Buenos Aires: Unstoppable Artists

As I rev up to get going on my travels once again, I thought I’d share a post that I recently wrote for CreativeLive about the flourishing and ubiquitous artists of Buenos Aires who serve as some serious inspiration…. Lessons on Success from the Artists of Buenos Aires You don’t want to be a starving artist, but you know that getting rich and famous isn’t going … Continue reading Buenos Aires: Unstoppable Artists