Living Hundreds of Lives on the Road

Having grown up in a Hindu home, I have a tendency to contemplate my past and future lives. But after several years of slow travel around the world, I’ve discovered that there’s a more pressing concern: considering my hundreds of present lives. This is what traveling does to a person—the constant renewal of self, or rather the proliferation of selves, is why I won’t, or … Continue reading Living Hundreds of Lives on the Road

What happens if you stop traveling, OR When not to go with the flow

When you stop traveling, you are never prepared for what happens next. It’s an unspoken agreement that travelers have with the road–if you decide one day to halt your long journey down that road, well, you are in for a shock. And it’s not just culture shock. The problem in stopping, in trying to settle down (whether temporarily or permanently) is not just restlessness or … Continue reading What happens if you stop traveling, OR When not to go with the flow

Want to be a travel writer? Read this first.

A real writer can write anywhere—all you need is a pen and paper. Or so I’ve been told. After living in Prague for over 4 years, I decided it was time to move on to sunnier skies and follow up on my obsession with Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa. But before relocating to my new home base in Lisbon, I first escaped for a few months … Continue reading Want to be a travel writer? Read this first.

7 Ways to Make Money While You Travel

Want to travel and make money at the same time? These days, even full timers are falling into the trend of working from home (unless you work at Yahoo…ooooh, too soon?). So why not work from your home away from home? For most of these types jobs, all you need is a computer with an Internet connection. And that’s when you can usually make more … Continue reading 7 Ways to Make Money While You Travel

It’s Now or Never: What do you want?

which way woman


What do you want?

That’s the very first question you need to ask yourself when you start to plan a travel adventure. What do you want, regardless of your job/money/life situation?

Sure that’s a big question, but when was the last time you let yourself answer that honestly, without censoring yourself?

Do you want to travel around the world? Do you want to backpack through South America? Do you want to explore your state parks? Do you want to attend a cooking school in Japan? Do you want to volunteer on an organic farm? Do you want discover that funny little town next door? Do you want to house sit in Romania?

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Find your home away from home

So, you’ve decided to travel, you have a destination in mind, but you want to have a home base to take day trips from, a calm and cozy place to come back to after a long exhausting day of exploring unknown streets and tasting crazy things. But hotels are boring, stale and overpriced. AirBnB could work, but there’s a service fee, and depending on the … Continue reading Find your home away from home

A million excuses not to travel–and how to shatter them all into a million pieces


Sure you might have a MILLION EXCUSES–but you also have only ONE LIFETIME. You decide. These excuses are just a few of the ones that get thrown around the most:

1) You tell someone who is traveling or has just returned: Oh, I’m so jealous, I wish I could do that! You CAN do that, you just haven’t considered all your options to make it happen. What options? Well, that’s why this blog exists, to help you figure out what travel options are best for YOU.

2) You beg traveling friends to send lots of photos or emails of their journey so you can “live vicariously” through their experiences. This makes me sad. But there’s NO time to be sad because you’re on a mission! It’s high time you stopped wallowing and galloped away on your own freaking fantastic adventure so you can then barrage your friends’ inboxes with 500 photos to prove it. More on that later…

3) You work a full time job with just 15 days paid vacation a year. Um, hello, what about weekends? Especially the longer 3 or 4 day weekends! And what about “sick days”? Don’t tell me you’ve never called in sick because you had a hangover or your cat was throwing up. At least frolicking about on a mini travel adventure would be a lot more fun and memorable!

4) But where the hell can I go for a weekend that would be even remotely interesting? Okay, this is a truly ridiculous excuse. If you’re able to take a flight, then I don’t wanna hear it. Skip to the next excuse below. If you are planning to travel by car, bus or train, then STILL–what are you talking about man! I know a girl who works, full time, in a big city in Texas, and each weekend, she and her boyfriend go check out some fun little tiny Texas town–and they have made some wild discoveries. Remember, it’s the journey….well, you know. When I was living in Prague, I’d sometimes show up at the nearest bus or train station, check the schedule, see what towns were just an hour away and buy a ticket to some random place I’d never heard of. Fun times and mystery guaranteed. Plus, you save money because you aren’t going very far.

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