Here’s what it’s really like to be a Digital Nomad

  For the blog of, here’s a post I just wrote about the challenges of being a digital nomad. Original post here. Is the Digital Nomad Lifestyle Right For You? It’s not just a fleeting trend–the digital nomad way of life is definitely on the rise. Fed up with being tied down, people are quitting their 9 to 5 jobs, selling or giving away … Continue reading Here’s what it’s really like to be a Digital Nomad

What happens if you stop traveling, OR When not to go with the flow

When you stop traveling, you are never prepared for what happens next. It’s an unspoken agreement that travelers have with the road–if you decide one day to halt your long journey down that road, well, you are in for a shock. And it’s not just culture shock. The problem in stopping, in trying to settle down (whether temporarily or permanently) is not just restlessness or … Continue reading What happens if you stop traveling, OR When not to go with the flow

Loving and Leaving the Schengen Zone

Nostalgic Lisbon had been a sun-dappled dream, but my 90 Schengen Zone days were rapidly coming to an end. I couldn’t bear the thought of parting with my morning pingado and pastel de nata, but as a non-EU citizen without a long-term visa, the rules in place allowed me only 3 months of basking in the European lifestyle. But unwilling to accept defeat, I did … Continue reading Loving and Leaving the Schengen Zone

How to find COOL (and cheap) stuff to do wherever you go


Looking for those “hidden gems” in the city? Well, here they are. This site offers eclectic, up to date stuff to do, see, eat, drink, explore (with photos!) as revealed by people actually living in that city. There are also downloadable city guides (pdf) for 3 euros. For now, the site includes 51 major cities in Europe and North America. Go here when you realize that your guidebook is not at all hip or in the know.

Don’t worry, if you’re not yet comfortable with the idea of sleeping in the house of someone who isn’t your friend or relative. All you have to do is sign up for FREE and fill out a basic profile that will allow you use all the fun features of this site. Each city has its own community page, so you can check out the ongoing list of activities, happening that day or coming up soon. You should also search through the city’s various Group links, which always center on things like Live music, Dancing, Sports, Going out, Vegeterian/Vegans-you get the point. It’s kind of like their own little version of MeetUp. Members passing through the city also post on this page to say things like, “Hey, I’m in town for a few days, anyone want to meet up for a drink or a walk around the city?” See, no need to host someone–just a fun way to meet new people and spend a day filled with food, drink, dancing, walking, conversation, whatever! Then there’s the “Meet Locals” button, which basically connects you the database of local members, so it’s kind of like a platonic eHarmony, and you can contact anyone who you think looks cool and shares your interests.

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