7 Instant Ideas for Weekend Adventure


I still maintain that it takes a lot less money than you might imagine to hop around the world, but what it definitely does take is TIME.

So when you don’t have that slippery commodity of time to lounge about on the beaches of Brazil or ride horses in Portugal, when you’ve got only the weekend to play with, what CAN you do to satiate that most insatiable wanderlust monster?

You need a good dose of MINI ADVENTURE!

Here are some ideas (most of which I’ve actually tried!) to help light your weekend on fire, okay, or just a soothing spark if you prefer:

1) Point randomly to a place on your regional map and GO THERE. Bring snacks.

2) MeetUp.com might not always have travel or adventure related groups in your area, but you can still meet new people who share your urge to get the hell outta here, and you can join together with them to make it come true. Don’t want to sit through an amateur musicians meet up just to see who might be cool enough to road trip with? Then freakin start your OWN travel adventure MeetUp group.

3) Here’s a fun one for those of you who always pick DARE over TRUTH: Look at the most recent Rideshare listings on your local/regional Craigslist page. Instant road trip!

4) Look at the Couch Surfing page (remember, just because you sign up for a profile doesn’t mean you have to host anyone) in your city and in surrounding cities, and find out what’s HAPPENING.

5) Host a traveler from Couch Surfing!! When you show your guest around, you get to see your city through a totally different perspective.

6) EscapeTheCity.org is a site started a few years ago by 3 guys in London who just got sick of corporate life and knew there had to be something else more fulfilling to spend their days on. The site has a section on “microadventures” for some excellent inspiration and ideas to jolt your weekend. And don’t forget to join the boisterous and highly motivated Escape Community if you’re itching for some big changes in your career and your life. Just a warning: the long list of worldwide job/volunteer/entrepreneur opportunities offered in their newsletter will really make you think twice about keeping your current job.

7) Are you one of those overzealous GOAL SETTERS or adamant CHECK LIST CHECKERS? Then you might get a really big thrill by coming up with a list of nearby towns/B&Bs/landmarks/state parks/festivals to explore each weekend (or whenever you have free time) and then check off one by one. I’m not saying to have a “do what your guidebook says” kind of weekend or plan for the month. I’m saying you create your OWN damn guidebook!

**If you haven’t noticed by now, my general rule of life is if you don’t see what you want, go out and make it happen in your own way.

2 thoughts on “7 Instant Ideas for Weekend Adventure

  1. hey suchi, this is wonderful…love the blog…you have captured the enthralling experience of travelling beautifully. love it! will look it up for referencing whenever I travel next… but you’ll have to come to INDIA to write about it, so please come soon!! 🙂

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