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So, you’ve decided to travel, you have a destination in mind, but you want to have a home base to take day trips from, a calm and cozy place to come back to after a long exhausting day of exploring unknown streets and tasting crazy things. But hotels are boring, stale and overpriced. AirBnB could work, but there’s a service fee, and depending on the owner, also a cleaning fee, extra guest fee, and other rules to abide by. And not all owners offer long term stays.

Don’t worry! Here’s another excellent option to consider: 

On this pleasingly designed site, members from the academic community around the world have listed their homes, countryside villas, apartments and studios on this site, so if you’re looking for a highly reliable and trusted source for a comfortable, furnished rental (a week, a month or even a year), this is definitely it.

But the site isn’t just for rentals. You can also do a home exchange, if you own your own place and are willing to trust someone else to live in your home, just as they are willing to trust you to live in theirs. Also on offer are home and flat shares–which is basically moving in with a roommate or two, but this is often for longer term rentals–and house sitting positions. These positions are not as common, but they do exist, mostly in the US and Canada.

Because you will be dealing with the owner directly (there are no commission fees charged by the site), you can negotiate and ask for discounts on rent or if they would consider a house sit  instead of a rental. Sometimes, these people are just looking to have their home lived in and taken care of, and to know it (and any pets or plants) is safe and secure while they are away. So you never know what they might accept until you ask! No harm in trying, right?

I have successfully used this site 3 times for rentals, but I have even found house sitting positions that I had to turn down because of changes in my travel plans.

The site is a great place to start searching for house sitting positions, since you don’t have to sign up for a paid membership or create a profile–which are both requirements on actual house sitting sites.

Have you ever used this site? What’s your favorite site for long term rentals?

One thought on “Find your home away from home

  1. What a wealth of information and inspiration in your blog!! Great ways for folks to travel that don’t cost much at all. An inspiration to read.

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